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Best Maternity Hospital in Delhi

Best Delivery Hospital in Delhi NCR

Dr. BB Dash is known for  running the best maternity hospital in Delhi in routine at his well-equipped Rejoice Hospital situated in Lajpat Nagar Delhi. 

What does a maternity Hospital in Delhi Offer?

Rejoice Hospital is the best maternity hospital in Delhi as we have all the pregnancy care and delivery facilities available under the guidance of an experienced gynecologist, Dr. BB Dash. He is experienced in not just the normal and C-section deliveries but is skilled in handling high-risk pregnancies as well.

What are the most common problems faced by pregnant women?

Diabetes, hypertension, anemia in pregnancy Obesity and thyroid in pregnancy. morning sickness, acidity, backache etc.

Is normal and C-section Delivery Available?

Yes, both the delivery options are available along with well-equipped labour rooms and operation theatres.

Do you handle High risk pregnancies as well?

Yes, Dr. BB Dash is an experineced gynecologist in Delhi. He has the experience of handling high risk pregnancy cases and deliveries as well.

What are the most common problems faced by pregnant women?

  1. Diabetes onset during pregnancy, in this condition the expecting mother develops sugar/diabetes during her pregnancy. This is known as gestational diabetes. This kind of diabetes gets treated after the delivery of the baby, however, the patient’s diet, exercise, and medications need to be monitored till then. This is important as uncontrolled blood sugar levels in the mother’s blood can harm the baby as well as the mother.

2. hypertension in pregnancy

3. anemia in pregnancy

4. Obesity and thyroid in pregnancy.

5. morning sickness, acidity, backache, or other pregnancy-related problems etc. 

What does a pregnancy care program include?

What are the diagnostic Tests Performed During Pregnancy?

The pregnancy care treatment provides custom dietary advice to the expecting mother. This is extremely important as the dietary advice and other lifestyle advice are given after taking the pregnant lady’s all previous health issues. This helps them progress to term and delivery after 37 weeks without any complications.

  • Ultrasound Scanning to check on the regular growth of the baby
  • Blood tests to find out any deficiencies and blood-disorders 
  • Gestational Diabetes screening
  • Genetic screening and testing if there is any genetic anomaly that runs in the family. 

What are High-risk pregnancies?


High-risk pregnancies are those when the expecting mother is above the age of 35 or has been suffering from a disease, and there is a complication of the position of the placenta. Those females who have gone through recurrent miscarriages in the past, also come under high-risk pregnancies. The high-risk pregnancy cases need specific care and instructions to make it to the successful delivery of a healthy baby. 

Is there any treatment for Gestational Diabetes?

Is a Normal or C-section Delivery facility available at Rejoice Hospital, Delhi?

The treatment of pregnancy diabetes or gestational diabetes is mainly exercise, lifestyle modification, healthy diet, along with medicines. A low-fat, fiber-rich diet is advised to the patient and she needs to exercise regularly to keep the blood sugar levels normal. The medicine helps to treat the abnormally high level of blood sugar thereby preventing any growth abnormalities in the baby.

Yes, Dr. BB Dash gives priority to the normal delivery, however, the patient’s choice is always respected unless there is any medical emergency. We have both the normal and C-section delivery facilities available at our maternity hospital in Delhi at Lajpat Nagar Delhi. Rejoice Hospital is well-equipped with all the machines, appliances, and trained staff for handling all the deliveries efficiently. 

If you are looking for the best maternity hospital in Delhi, then Rejoice hospital is the best. Book an appointment with Dr. BB Dash today!

Patient Reviews

We were trying for a baby from 3 years but not conceived even after IUI procedures thrice..then came to know that there is blockage in tubes and our gynecologist suggested us for Laparoscopy surgery. At that moment we came to know about Dr. B.B.Dash. We read reviews about him which is obvious and everyone will do same in today’s scenario though there were positive and negative both. On the very first meeting we observed he was very humble & knowledgeable. He explained us everything about the Laparoscopy procedure. We gone through surgery. We still remember the moment when Dr. Dash came out from operation theater and his statement was “Surgery is done and I am very much confident that you’ll conceive naturally”. And after two months of surgery we conceived and blessed with a sweet baby girl. We are thankful to Dr. Dash for bringing our “Bundle of Joy” in our life. Dr. Dash is a gem in his field. We wish him all the very best for bringing happiness in more and more people’s lives. Best Wishes, Rahul Yadav & Jagriti Yadav

Rahul Yadav

If you are looking for best treatment, high class facilities , quality care at an affordable cost and without the frills of a corporate hospital, Rejoice is the place for you.Dr B B Dash is one of the bestGynaecologist in NCR. Dr Dash leads a team of talented Doctors who are focused on delivering effective and compassionate care to their patients everyday. Even the front desk staff is very amicable , supportive and well behaved.As per my personal experience, you should not think twice before visiting this hospital.

Shubhranshu Das

Dear Dr.B B Dash, This is to express our happiness,gratefulness and thankfulness to you. Words cannot express the joy that parenthood has brought to us,every moment with our blessed son is precious. You are the true servant of God, that brought cheers to us. The kind of genuine care you have provided during our journey with you, I remember, since March'17 when we first came to your Rejoice clinic, with the hope that you will do wonders,My wife's Fibroid was little big weiging aprox 750gm and numbers were multiple,we almost lost our hope to have a baby,because many of doctors suggested us to go for open surgery for removing this big fibroid,But you gave us hope and handled this surgery very carefully and you also assured us that we will have baby after this Leproscopic Myomectomy surgery. And yes your words were really true ,She conceived after 5months of LM surgery. Again during My wife's pregnancy journey she suffered with another complication that is Gestational Diabetes ,but as I said, you are true servant of God and blessed with magical hands ,every thing goes well and we are blessed with nature's best gift,our Son on 30th oct'18. Thank You once again for helping to make our dream come true,we will forever grateful. With love &Hugs.. S&Z


Dr. BB Dash has always been caring and informative. He has always directed is in the proper direction. We have finally got a kid after his proper guidance. They were very patient & wanted to help not only find my best look but something that was in my budget. I highly recommend. 3

P.L Dhir

Compassionate doctor. Excellent laparoscopic surgeon. Does surgery only when absolutely required. Any doubt for decisions please have a second opinion from him. He can give the final verdict. Dr BB dash has always been caring and informative . He has always directed is in the proper direction. stay blessed DR DASH.

Anwarul Haque

We are Happy and satisfied with Rejoice hospital's doctors and the entire team. Today we came in the morning for my wife's treatment of hestroscopy and it went successfully . We are happy withDr. B B Dash and I also liked how the hospital staff co-operated. Thanks to Rejoice Hospital n Team

Shahjad Ali